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 About MoCamps

MoCamps was started in the summer of 2021, running six weeks of math, coding, and kungfu, while this year will be 2 sessions(4 weeks). We've specialized in math and coding for at least 4 years and taught others across the United States with Zoom. Our programs helped students determine if they want to go more in-depth into subjects by giving them a basic understanding.

As of 2022, MoCamps plans to introduce 2 more sessions of Math, Coding, and Kungfu. Read more below.

Kids must be above 2nd grade and classes will be held online. The option to continue or pause learning with MoCamps will be given after each session.

Coding: Mon, Thurs 9AM-10:30AM


Math: Mon, Thurs, 9AM-10:30AM       


Kung Fu: Tue, Wed 9AM-10:00AM


Session 1: July 11th - July 22nd

Coding & Math: $20 

Kung Fu: $10 

Session 2: August 1st - August 12th

Coding & Math: $20 

Kung Fu: $10 


Courses at MoCamps



This course expands on the students’ previous knowledge from the last school year and prepares students for the next. We will go over the basics of the student’s upcoming school year in math to give them a greater understanding and an easy transformation. Common materials we will use are IXL, Khan Academy, and other textbooks.


Introduction to the coding world through, a website that allows children to be creative and play with an easier version of code. Secondly, the class will go through the basics of real programming in Java language where we learn about print statements, variables, and loops.


Students will learn the basic stances and forms of Kung Fu, including some self-defense from western and Chinese roots. Some examples are the five stances, five stances form, and Shaolin form.


Our Teachers


Don Mo

Don is 17 years old and enjoys Kung Fu, Swimming, Coding, and more. In the upcoming school year, Don will be a senior at Ingelmoor High School. He has been coding for 5 years and has coded an app for his Java IB course in school. Don is very excited to meet the new students.

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Emily Mo

Emily is 15 years old and is going to be a junior this next school year. She has been doing math for her whole life and is particularly skilled in Algebra and Pre-Calculus. Emily is really excited to meet everybody and looks forward to an exciting class!