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Experience MoCamps

Located in Seattle, MoCamps welcomes students above 2nd grade to participate in a wide variety of programs and activities. Each tutor has lots of experience in teaching and the subject they will be tutoring. We ensure every student at MoCamps has an amazing and unique camp experience in a safe and fun atmosphere. With 2022 being Mocamp's second year, prices may vary. See about page.


What Do We Do?

Every summer, we teach four weeks of math, Kung Fu, and coding to students above 2nd grade. Courses are taught through teachers' own methods and the use of websites like and Khan Academy.

School Application

2022 Summer Courses

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A mix of Java and Scratch that introduces Coding to younger students and sparks their interest, taught by Don.

Kung Fu

Traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. where students will stay physically active during the summer by practicing intense kung fu forms, the five stances, and self-defense. Taught by Don and Emily.


Taught through Khan Academy, a course that goes over basic math subjects for the following school year, taught by Emily.