Registration, Discounts and Payments
Registrations can be made online or by mail. FULL PAYMENT is required at time of registration.  This includes all voucher, credit card and/or check payments. Credit card payments are done via PayPal and most major cards are accepted. Credit card registrations can only be accepted online.  If you are mailing a registration, it must have a voucher and/or check payment with it.
All checks should be made payable to MO UMC CAMPS, 3601 Amron Ct., Columbia, MO 65202. To receive the Early Bird discount on mailed registrations, your payment must be received by April 30th, 2014.  A pastor-approved Conference Voucher may be included as part of the full payment required.  Conference Vouchers will not be given in the form of a reimbursement.  In addition to the Early Bird discount, you may be eligible for a family discount when more than 1 child from the same household attends.  There is also a New Camper discount of $25 for anyone who is new to camps or has not been in over 3 years.  Also, please note that there is an automatic discount of $25 for registering online.

Registration Confirmation and Grade Levels
All online registrations will receive a confirmation of your registration along with general information you will need for camp.  Please register your child by the grade they will be going into in FALL 2014.  Any other exceptions need to be approved by the Site and Event Directors prior to registration.

Cancellations and Refunds
Most registrations have a non-refundable $50 deposit included in the registration fee (G132 and G133 require a $200 non-refundable deposit). If the event you have registered for is booked or cancelled, we will help you select another event of equal or lesser value. If another selection will not work out, you will receive a full refund. Partial refunds (minus the $50 non-refundable deposit) are offered for cancellations two weeks or more prior to the start of a program.There is no refund for cancellations that occur within two weeks of the start of a program.  If the registration was paid for with a voucher and the camper does not show up to camp, there will be no refund.In the event of illness, accident or family emergency, call the camping office PRIOR to the first day of camp.  No refunds or transfers will be made for those who fail to show up on the first day of camp.

How can I help others go to camp?
Many children and adults only experience camp because of the generosity of loving sponsors who support them with monetary donations.  Sponsor a local child from your church or neighborhood.  Contact your local church or our office for more information.  You can also help a child get to camp by using GoodSearch.com for your web searches and GoodShop.com for your purchases.  You would choose Missouri United Methodist Conference Camping.  A percentage of your purchases will go to our Camp Scholarship fund.

Who are the directors and counselors?
Our camp directors and counselors are dedicated volunteers. Some are clergy persons, others are lay persons. All are trained and screened in keeping with the Safe Sanctuaries policy in order to provide the best possible camping experience for our campers.

My camper takes medication.  What arrangement do I need to make?
All medications, except inhalers and Epi pens, are turned into the camp health supervisor at check-in. All meds must be sent to camp in the original containers, with the camper's name and directions for use clearly marked on the label. Place all medication containers in a single zip-loc bag with the camper's name on the outside. Each site will have a site health supervisor.

My health history and/or medical contact information has changed since I registered. What do I do?
You will receive a Camper Update form with your confirmation that you will need to fill out with any changes, sign and bring it to camp with you.  If you do not have yours, you can download it here or call 888.271.1999 to request a new one.

Do I need to bring money to camp?
Money is not necessary. Our sites have Camp Stores where you may purchase various souvenir items. The stores are generally open during registration and on the last day of camp. Your camp fee includes snacks and the official t-shirt for the year.

What do I need to bring to camp?
You will get a confirmation packet and a letter from your Event Director detailing all of the items you need to bring to camp. Please click here for a general list of items you will need to bring to camp.

What do I need to leave at home?
All of our campsites are smoke-free, weapon-free and drug-free zones. Camp is a time to get away from the activities of the world, so leave your personal electronics (i.e., mp3 players, Gameboys, cell phones), knives, fireworks and other worldly distractions at home. You also need to leave all snack foods and candy at home. If brought, these items will be turned into the event director for safe keeping.

Can I call my camper or send them with a cell phone? What about other electronics?
In order for your camper to have their best camping experience, cell phones and other electronic devices (i.e. iPods, CD players, portable DVD players, computers, etc.) are NOT allowed at camp. If they are brought to camp they will need to be turned into the Event Director for the duration of camp. If there is an emergency, call the camp and ask the director to get a message to your camper.

Can I drop off my child early?
No. Each camp has a starting time that must be followed. Prior to the arrival of campers, directors and counselors are busy preparing for a successful and faith-filled camping experience.

Can I come home for my ball game?
Once you arrive at camp, plan on staying for the whole camping experience. It is too disruptive to have folks coming and going all week. If your presence is vital for that ball game, let us know at least two weeks in advance so we can refund most of your fees and allow someone from the waiting list to take your place at camp.

Can I send mail or email to my camper?
Yes! When addressing the letter, put your camper's name above the camp address. Do not send "care packages" of food or snacks. If you send stamped, addressed envelopes with your camper, they may write to you too. When registration is confirmed, you will receive information regarding sending e-mail to your camper.
Here are the camper emails for our camps.
Blue Mountain - mybmccampermail@yahoo.com
Camp Galilee - camper@campgalileemo.org
Camp Jo-Ota - jootaparents@gmail.com
Wilderness RDC - camperswilderness@gmail.com 
Can I request a roommate?
Camp is a great time to make new friends. If you want to room with a particular person, please write that name on the registration form. Indicating preference, however, does not guarantee you will be roomed with that person. Event directors will make the ultimate decision on room and cabin assignments.

Can my camper drive to camp?
If your camper drives to camp, all keys to the vehicle should be turned into the event director upon registration on site. This will allow for the best camping experience!

What happens if my child gets sick while at camp?
Our event directors, in consultation with the site director and site health supervisor, will contact you under the following circumstances: any time EMS responds, or offsite medical treatment is sought; any time an injury appears to be beyond the bounds of bumps, bangs or scrapes; any time a head injury occurs; any time a participant runs a fever of 102 degrees of above for longer than 8 hours or any fever above 104 degrees; any time a communicable disease or illness is suspected; any other time deemed important to do so.

Why is my health insurance needed? 
An insurance contract is provided and the cost included in the camp free. This is a supplement to your personal health/medical insurance.

Enjoyable experience for all
All of our campsites are smoke-free, weapon-free and drug-free zones. Camp is a time to get away from the activities of the world.  Therefore, in order for your camper to have their best camping experience, cell phones and other electronic devices i.e., mp3 players, Gameboys, iPods, CD and DVD players, computers, etc... are NOT allowed at camp. You also need to leave all snack foods and candy at home. If brought, these items will be turned into the event director for safe keeping.  If there is an emergency, call the camp and ask the director to get a message to your camper.  Each camp location will send you directions on how to stay in touch with your child while at camp.

Additional Information
Personal information about campers provided on registration and health forms are exclusively for the purpose of assuring your camper’s week to be safe and fun-filled.  We do not sell, rent or lease our camper lists or e-mail addresses.
All Cabin Assignments are made by the Event Director.  You may request a cabin mate on your registration, however, they are not guaranteed.

I still have questions. Who do I call?
The Columbia offices, as well as the ministry centers themselves are here to help. Please contact Francesca Burton with your specific questions. The Columbia office is open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday. The toll-free number (in MO) is 888-271-1999. You may also contact us via e-mail: Missouri Camps.