Impact the lives of children, youth and families!
The Camping and Retreat Ministries Office of the Missouri United Methodist Conference invites you to serve Christ through volunteer ministry. If you are interested in becoming a counselor, contact the Event Director or the Conference Office at Please indicate the date(s) and locations you are available to volunteer.
  • Event Director Approval
  • 15 years of age or older and at least 4 years older than the oldest camper
  • Obtain Safe Sanctuaries certification.  Contact your church's Safe Sanctuary Coordinator or LCA.
Attributes of a counselor...
A counselor is expected to think and act like an adult. As a counselor, you are not “one of the kids”.
Being, or becoming, a Christian is a life-long journey. The youth who come to camp are searching for MEANING, for IDENTITY, for ANSWERS in life. As a Christian adult you can help the youth in their search. Let them know that you too, are searching. As adults, we do not have all the answers; but we do know where some of those answers can be found. Above all, we should build on their faith and not encourage doubts. Let the time in camp be a positive experience.
Youth need adult friends. Someone who will listen to them and have time for them. Let them know that even after camp is over, you will continue to be their friend.
The time at camp provides an opportunity to learn new ideas, new skills, and to form new friendships. This is a time to try out one’s own ideas, to test one’s skills in the circle of a Christian support group, and to learn to deal with success and failure. A Camp Counselor will encourage learning in a wide variety of experiences. This means giving as much responsibility as each can handle. This means letting each person do things for themselves. This might mean risking failure; but in risk there is the possibility for growth. There is a great experience in celebrating a victory.
In all our experiences during the time at camp, we will be both teaching and learning about; a reverence for God, Respect for all of God’s creation – water, soil, creatures of the earth, and especially for people and property, Responsible use of the resources trusted in our care, and Readiness to make commitments to family and friends, people at camp, to Christ and church, to improving our world. Learning will take place both in group settings and in personal conversations. Learning will happen during quiet times, fun times, and even at chow times. We are all teachers, as camp counselors. We teach by words, deeds, even the clothes we choose to wear.

What camp can I work at?
We have four camps:
Blue Mountain UM Center
Camp Jo-Ota
Camp Galilee
Wilderness Retreat and Development Center

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If you are interested in being a camp counselor, the first step is to contact the Event Director.  If you do not know the Event Director, please contact the Conference office, 573.442.7909 or